Make a Plan for Being A Stay At Home Mom


Being a housewife is a dream for many. Being a stay-at-home mom automatically pushes you to be a present parent and build strong bonds with your kids… all while keeping them on track. But figuring out how to become a housewife can be difficult for many.

How to be a stay at home mom

Stay home happy

Making the leap to being a full-time housewife can be daunting. It is an important decision that will drastically change your life in many ways. Not only is it a major lifestyle change, it is also a major financial adjustment.

Below are tons of tips for both major changes. First, how to save your sanity and enjoy life as a housewife. Then how to financially achieve the freedom to be one.

Life as a housewife

At first glance, it might seem like housewives have it easy. But that’s really far from it.

It’s a full-time job that requires a lot more commitment than a regular work job could ever demand. You have to do so much more than survive as a housewife. You must enjoy it too!

1) Go easy on the transition

Most people make the decision to become a housewife in haste. They think of all the pros without really considering the cons and upcoming changes.

It will be a major lifestyle change as well as a mental shift. Staying at home with children means you have to put in a lot more work not to feel isolated and to maintain relationships outside the home.

Your future identity will be primarily about being a mother, so you need to make sure you work hard to keep up with other things that are important to you as well.

Ask yourself why you want to be a housewife. If it’s for financial reasons, make sure you find fulfillment elsewhere so you don’t just give up your career and lose the joy of it.

Also, ask if you’re willing to give up certain luxuries when transitioning to an income. From not being able to eat out as much to buying that cute sweater in the shop window, sacrifices big and small have to be made every day.

2) Make a at-home mom routine

As a housewife, a routine is essential. It doesn’t have to be by the hour, but having a general sense of what the day has in store benefits both mother and child. It ensures that you get everything you wanted done in a day and that your child’s needs and expectations are also met.

The schedule should include:

  • Regular wake up and bed times
  • mealtimes
  • errands
  • Daily activities
  • Breaks

Check out this sample plan and tips for creating a stay at home schedule!

The older the kids get, the harder it gets. Suddenly you have to coordinate picking up one kid from music class and another from soccer practice while making sure they get their math homework done on time.

At this point, creating a physical schedule for everyone in the family to see helps to keep everyone organized.

3) Write a daily to-do list

At the beginning of the day, write a list of everything you want to get done. And we mean everything!

Jot down everything from grocery shopping to making dinner to walking and showering. As a stay-at-home mom, it’s easy to feel scattered at times, and this makes sure to remember everything you wanted to get done that day.

As the kids get older, it can get messier, so it’s a good idea to start this routine every day.

Even though it feels like every day is the same, you need to write a to-do list. In fact, that’s why it’s important.

If you do the same thing every day, sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re accomplishing anything. You suddenly feel drained after a long day, but you don’t know why. Then your partner comes home and you can’t even put into words what you did that day.

Maintaining a sense of accomplishment ensures that you, as a stay-at-home mom, continue to be proud of yourself.

4) Take time for yourself

Housewives quickly turn their whole lives into moms. While the children should always come first, you also need to remember that you are also a human being with needs and feelings.

Dedicating every second to the children quickly leads to burnout. Worse, you will find that you have lost your identity outside of motherhood.

Every day you should take a little time. It’s a good idea to incorporate this into your routine.

Before the kids wake up, you can start the morning comfortably with coffee, reading, a shower or however you want to start your day. They also need a break from the kids in the middle of the day. Typically this would be during nap time or self-play.

Once the kids have gone to bed, it really is time to relax and spend time with your significant other.

Aside from the typical day, think about how you can have a full day to yourself to get things done that might be difficult with kids in the house. Making an agreement with another stay-at-home mom to babysit each other’s kids weekly can help tremendously. Or maybe a family member is willing to help!

Once a week or every two weeks, you should also leave the children at home with a babysitter. Use this time to go on a date or do something you love outside of the house. Oftentimes, stay-at-home moms lose hobbies they once loved because they put them on hold and never brought them back.

How to be a stay at home mom

How to afford to stay at home mom

If you’re ready for the stay-at-home mom lifestyle leap, it’s time to face financial reality. In most cases, you will jump from double income to single income. Talk about a drastic drop!

But with the right care, it’s definitely manageable for most families.

1) Do a dry run

If you haven’t made the full leap yet, you might want to wait a few months before stepping up and quitting your job. While you’re still working and having a double income, adjust your budget and spending habits ahead of time.

The goal is to see what it would be like without actually having that second income. Live on just one income for a few months so you can face reality and see if it’s doable for your family. If you really want it, you can do it!

2) Create a budget

This is an absolute must. Without a single income budget, life can quickly shift from paycheck to paycheck. Especially as a parent with a new baby, there’s a whole new world of expenses that you might not even have thought of.

A realistic single-income budget can mean stopping eating out, giving up that new car, buying the occasional second-hand clothing, and even downsizing. Find as many ways as possible to save money. But also make sure you leave room for some fun expenses like entertainment and clothing.

You should also factor in monthly expenses for life insurance, retirement savings, and a school savings plan as a parent. Also, factor in the budget for upcoming things like Christmas and holidays so one month doesn’t take the brunt of everything.

Budgeting doesn’t mean you’re going to live a moneyless and fun life. Instead, it’s about being strategic with money and making sure every dollar spent is a wise decision.

You’ll also see real-time progress made toward your financial goals.

3) Find extra income

As you adjust to a budget and housewifely life, you may find time in your schedule to increase your income. It can be as simple as selling unused items around the house, generating income from a hobby, or even something like babysitting.

Homemakers may also consider taking part-time remote jobs. Thanks to the online push, there are many jobs that can be done from home. Some ideas are:

  • A virtual assistant
  • writing services
  • Teaching
  • transcription

Each partner in the relationship can find an additional or side income. Just make sure no one gets burned out from too much work and that the kids have enough quality time with each parent.

4) Save for emergencies

Every family should have a sizeable emergency ready to cover 6 months of expenses. This covers costs in the worst case, such as loss of income or sudden illness.

Ideally, you’d want to save this before you become a stay-at-home mom. The unused income generated during a trial is a great place to start building that fund if you don’t already have one.

take that away

As long as you become a housewife fully aware of the great changes ahead, you will do just fine! Your children, yourself and your partner will all benefit when a parent stays home full-time.

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